August 5th, 2007

marc - as the pacman ghosts

i'm married!

it was fabulous... the best party ever, and I looked gorgeous and marc was adorable.

there will be pictures! instead of putting throw-away cameras at every table, we got our friend jason to bring his laptop and a card reader to download everybody's digital pictures with us. it was an awesome idea! jason was proud to be our "digital usher" and the payload was already at 2G when we checked with him around 9.

there were a few annoying things... some guests who no-showed, a flower arrangement that had to be rigged with cables to stay up. oh, and the giggling fit that my sister and I had when I got up to the alter... I was SO nervous when I walked up the aisle with Dad, I couldn't look at anybody, and finally I got up front and tried to compose myself but marc killed it. The way a methodist wedding works, one of the first things you do is declare your intention, the rest of the vows come at the end. So here's what happens: the pastor asks me if I'll take marc to be my husband... love him, comfort him, forsaking all others, etc and I say, "I will." Then I hear marc go "YES!" in a sort of whisper, but my sister and I could totally hear it and start cracking up and whenever I look at her I start laughing again so finally I had to whisper "STOP LAUGHING!" and that might have made it worse.

eventually I learned that if I thought of windmills, I could stay composed. but it was really too late because everybody noticed that we'd lost it. oh well. by the time we got to the real vows I was totally good.

anywho, we spent the morning reclaiming our stuff (our digital camera was in my sister's car, marc's phone is yet to be found) and this afternoon we have laundry, packing, and then we are leaving for a week! flying into vegas, spending some time in the mountains in a cabin, then partying it up like we love to do. We chose that honeymoon location for two reasons: first, it's where we met, sort of. second, we originally really wanted to get married there, and family talked us out of it. and most of this summer I've been questioning whether we made the right decision. but last night I decided that the wedding was a Pretty Darn Good Idea. I got to see marc's 87 year old cousin boogie down like a crazy lady to mexican music, got to hear dad say wonderful things, got to get all my friends intoxicated so they'd fall on the dance floor. and we got married, in our church, with our church friends, which meant a lot. it all meant a lot.