July 9th, 2007



my car had a bad light go on when I was on the highway yesterday, so I pulled out the owner's manual (while driving) to see what it meant, and it was the transmission/coolant light. I stopped and checked transmission fluid and it was okay. wtf. so I kept going to the firestone where I'd had my oil changed the day before and asked them what they broke, and they said I should have paid more attention to the "slash coolant" side of the light explanation, because my temp gage was in the red. oh, and coolant was spewing everywhere. oh, and I had none in the reservoir. oh, and the car smelled like, well, burning antifreeze.

The guys there gave me some free coolant but they were right, this had nothing to do with the oil change. It was sunday so I just drove home. well, bought some coolant on the way, then drove home. then this morning I refilled it and drove to a dealership, where they replaced two hoses and a cracked housing, and re-did my brakes while they were at it because I was way overdue for that.

I had time to kill when I got off work and had to pick up my car, so I walked around and looked at new ones and thought about how easy life would be if I just had predictable car payments every month instead of surprise car maintenance. my poor poor credit cards.