July 7th, 2007

beep beep beep bonk

dreading classes

six weeks or so until classes start back up again and I'm freaking out because I STILL don't know what to take. I'm signed up for ten hours, and need to drop at least four of those. Consideration factors:

1) I have ten hours left on this degree.
2) I must take an exit exam to graduate.
3) The exit exam must be over two areas of study. Each area requires two core classes. I've had one core class in each of the following: Networking, Software, Analog Devices, Communications.

so here are my options... it's complicated, but if you can stick with me I could use advice on this.

Option 1: Take the remaining four hour networking class.
What it does to this semester: I'll have a night class and a lab. Pretty simple.
What it does to next semester: I'll be forced to take the last communications class, whenever they offer it, and it's never at a good time! I could be screwed.
What it does to the exit exam: The networking and communications exams are the two worst ones ever, they're both impossible, closed book and closed note. shiiiite. Plus, I'll be forced to take my exam during what should be my last semester... flunk it, and I'll be back. Rumor has it that not many people flunk the exit exams, but rumors don't make me feel better.

Option 2: Take the remaining analog and software classes.
What it does to this semester: Crap. Leaving in the middle of the morning on three days a week, and staying late to at work to make up almost 8 hours of lost time.
What it does to next semester: There aren't other four hour classes offered, so I'll have to take two three hour ones. But they can be whatever fits the schedule just to get the hours done.
What it does to the exit exam: Knock it out at the end of the semester. I still have another one to take it again if the worst happens, but the analog/software exams are easier, open note with more helpful teachers who provide study guides.

I guess when I write it out, option 2 sounds better, even though it's more credits in the long run. Maybe that's not so bad. Oh, and this semester really will suck for me if I go that route. I really wish someone had told me when I started this masters that it would be a total pain in the ass. It's getting worse even... usually, by the endish of summer I'm getting bored and feeling ready for school to start. This summer I'd really like to quit. But I can't really quit when I have 10 hours left! cruel, cruel world!