May 27th, 2007


stuff that lies around

it's weird how many call center employees confirm that I live in whiCHEEta, kansas. I mean, these are american-sounding people, it's not like I expect someone in india to say 'wichita' properly. But I've always kind of see wichita as a large city, we have like half a million people if you include the surrounding areas.

yesterday was pretty unproductive. I napped too much. in the evening I unpacked some boxes from when marc moved here... I think he was unsure about where to put his stuff so he just avoided the task altogether. sometimes he's not good at finding places for things. if something has a place, he's great at putting it there... if the apartment gets cluttery he's much more likely to pick stuff up than I am. Maybe it's because clutter freaks me out. To me, if something had a place that was really perfect for it, it would be easy to put in into that place. I want everything to be ergonomic. So it's hard for me to pick stuff up without emptying an entire closet and reorganizing so that the clutter issue doesn't happen again. maybe that's an engineer thing.

anyway I'm going to call up ms a and go shopping this afternoon so I get out of the house and I'm not bored. we might think about bridesmaids dresses. might not though... I have not been in a wedding planning mood this week. I mean, we still have ten weeks to go, why rush anything, right?