March 30th, 2007


mmmm friday!

The guy who sits next to me at work complained that the mechanical pencils they give us don't have enough lead if you click them once, but too much if you click them twice. So I came home and told marc about this because I think it's a stupid thing for someone to notice, and apparently it bugs the shit out of him too, he has this whole process where he has to hold the clicker down and manually adjust the lead output before he writes. so out of three people I'm the one who just learns to deal with mechanical pencil lead length without being all OCD about it. and I should mention here that I am the most OCD person most people know. I should also mention that I started in on the appletinis when I got home because I'm on an appletini kick, and this entry is taking FOREVER to type correctly.


oh, I was going to poll..

Poll #957337 mechanical pencils

Does it bother you when mechanical pencils don't put out enough lead on the first click, but too much on the second?

no/never thought about it/why can't people be normal