March 13th, 2007


day before move

you ever feel so overwhelmed with crap you have to do that you start resenting people who aren't busy? I guess if I have time to update lj it's not that bad. I shouldn't be taking a break, but... I'm exhausted.

I had my test tonight, it didn't go well. I need to move tomorrow, I'm worried that it won't go well either. I got keys to the new apartment and I'm just too exhausted to even be happy about it. For part of this week I thought it would rain Wednesday and I'd have to call off the moving party because of that, but now it looks like it might be okay. so I should move... just get it over with. not many people can help me but that's okay, it'll save me money on pizza. marc helped a TON, he had the morning off and I got home today and a lot of my crap was packed in boxes, that feels so good.

So I haven't moved anything to the apartment yet... I was going to move clothes tonight but after that test I felt like death. I'm taking a half day tomorrow before everybody else comes to help out, I'll move clothes then. So tonight I came home, had a salad, a glass of wine, and a hot pocket, and set to putting more stuff in boxes.

other quick comment of the day: it seems to me that if you're talking to a customer service rep and mention to them, "By the way, I'm only calling you because your website sucks ass and gives a 'cannot verify' error for every format of my new address that I try to type in," they should at least pretend to give a rat's ass. I mean, I know call center employees do not work for the website department, but I'm a customer, would it be so hard for them to say, "Thanks, we'll investigate that"? I mean, they can lie about it for all I care, it would just make me feel better than hearing them laugh and say, "we get that a lot, I guess the website really does suck!"