February 23rd, 2007


happy apartment time!

I got an apartment! here's what's awesome about it:

  • It's near downtown, so I can walk to cool stuff, and my drive to the east side for the new work assignment will be shorter, and it's closer to my college too.
  • It's a big crazy loft! The bedroom area is upstairs
  • Much bigger (square footage wise) than my last apartment
  • Has a storage closet
  • The kitchen is big and open, not like my old apartment where it was basically a closet
  • I can keep my bike under the stairs
  • Faces south, so there's lots of light all the time, I can grow plants! Or, at least, not use lack of sunlight as an excuse when my plants die.
  • It's my own apartment!

What's bad:

  • still only one bedroom. but it's like 1000 square feet, so whatever.
  • it's close to some train tracks. I sort of like trains, but then again, I've never lived right by train tracks, so we'll see how it goes.
  • no washer/dryer, no hookups. it's back to the land of quarters for me. but it's next to the facility laundry room.
  • sort of expensive. my rent will basically double, plus I have to pay utilities now. but for the past year I've been paying hardly anything for rent and going crazy, so this'll be like the opposite! And really, any apartment I was looking at was going to significantly increase my rent, so whatevers (again).
  • um... that's it!

soooo excited about this... when I put the deposit down, I called like three people but nobody answered phones, that was annoying. my boyfriend was at work and could only text, but he's way excited for me, he got to see it a few weeks ago when we first found it.

my move in isn't for three weeks so I've got time to organize and pack up. need to spend this weekend organizing, I think, in between studying I just need to go through crap and get RID of it, dump a lot of clothes, that sort of thing.