February 4th, 2007


HPV vaccine?

I saw my OB/GYN this past week and she brought up the HPV vaccine. It's been recommended for all women 26 and younger, and she predicted that there'd be a study out soon enough that would support extending the age on the recommendation. There are even news stories about it being required for girls, which brings up all sorts of other issues.

Anyway, I am 26 right now, so my doctor recommended that I call my insurance company, make sure they'll pay for all three shots (I'd have to get the last one after I turn 27), and get the vaccine. It sounds like a good idea. But there's this probably-irrational thought going on in the back of my head about it too, because it's new, and *everybody's* getting it, and I've read too many suspense novels where everybody thinks the new drug is great and something goes horribly horribly wrong. I know, kind of stupid. I was vaccinated against hepatitis (A?) several years ago and that went fine. But in a culture that's totally overdrugged right now, I can't be the only one who's paranoid.

So, I'm kind of on a poll kick lately, how about a poll?

HPV vaccine? (please only take this poll if you're female)

Got it
Getting it
Want to get it
Can't afford it
Don't want it
Haven't thought about it