December 31st, 2006


nyee party review

happy new year's eve!

last night was the third annual new year's eve eve party, and I thought it was fairly successful. It's always surprising who shows up at these things, with everyone being on vacation and everything. attendants: besides my roommate, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, my sister, there was divine ms. a and her man, three guys I know from work, a couple from clearwater we're good friends with, three friends of my roommate's boyfriend, two from the gays, and some neighbors who we randomly recruited around 10:00. We felt bad that we were not neighborly, and my roommate has lived in the house longer so she actually knows the people who live next door to us, so we walked over and knocked on the door and explained that we were having a party and "hoped it wasn't too loud." they were like, "fine, but why didn't you invite us?" so we did! they changed out of their sweats and came over, and it turns out the guy works at the same company as me.

working at a big company is like being from a small town that's not really small (my dad is from a small town, whose population is 1/4 the number of people I work with). when you tell people you work there they immediately start the "do you know..." questions, and you have to find someone you've got in common to make the connections. "I know lots of people in customer service, who do you know from there?" "Who do you know who works in building E?" That sort of thing.

anyway we bought way too much liquor! too many people brought too much of their own. and we've got lots of extra dips and things too, so, yeah, we're set for new years eve if my sister and I go to a party or anything. I love having her here, she's great, she was great at the party last night.

we made muffins this morning in the silicon muffin cups that I got my roommate for christmas... and they kick ass! this is the best kitchen thing I've ever gotten I think, the muffins just slide right out and they're adorable to boot.

Everything I did in 2006

I wrote a really good entry last year about everything I did in 2005, and figured I'd follow it up with a similarly fabulous entry about everything I did in 2006! Fabulous? Fabulous.

January Basically defined by the fact that I caught some horrible death flu from my roommate's boyfriend. I haven't had the flu, the real flu, since I was 12 or so I think. I only missed 1-2 days of work I think but I thought I was going to die, and an odd relapse a week later totally ruined my january trip to las vegas with coworkers. It wasn't such a great trip anyway, they aren't the most fun people to go to vegas with, not interested in the music scene, just gambling. But anyway I healed.

February Due to an odd and very frieghtning loss of cerebral functions at work, I went to the hospital for the first time ever and had some tests done. Nothing was accomplished, except blowing away three years of rolled over HRA dollars. I was diagnosed with migrains and got a prescription for some melty pills, which I've used twice since then (at $20 a pop, damn!) The migrain diagnosis was weird since I don't get migrain headaches (yeah) but I have loss of vision and inability to form three sylable words or comprehend written english, and the pills fix that, so rock on. I've been totally unable to figure out what triggers these things. oh well.

Also in February, I was offered other job opportunities by other departments in my company, both of which I turned down. I just decided I wasn't done making new airplanes yet. I thought long and hard, yes, but talked with my family and friends about it and they all said that what I was doing still fit me best. I'm glad I made the decision.

March I drove Marc to the ER one night after some drunk tried to bash his head in, and shortly after that Marc decided that being a club bouncer wasn't for him. I think quitting that really opened the door for him to DJ more, which he started at a club on the west side of town.

Also, my company sent me to a fabulous conference for women in aviation. I got to meet eileen collins and talk to all these awesome crazy ferry pilots from WWII, and I saw nashville! Partied a little with a girl from high school who read my journal, saw that I was there, and called me up... small world, you know? It was a good thing, because the other women I was there with weren't so excited about going to bars downtown.

April Nothing, really. I got a really good raise at work. I failed to understand why illegal immigration was such a huge issue, in a country of immigrants (we rock sometimes).

May Due to a horrible hailstorm, I got $2000! So that was nice. In quasi-related news, I opened a scottrade account for my birthday and started buying stocks like a financially responsible grown-up. Since then I've bought four stocks, one did really well and I sold it, three more I'm holding on to are doing sorta well, sorta disappointing and disappointing, respectively.

June Float trip month! I took Marc with me on mikey's float trip and we had an incredible time. On the way home we saw the springfield wildlife museums and the windmills out by beaumont. It was really special.

July Nothing really again. I mean, marc and I went out all the time, were summer scene whores, and thought about how much we were in love with each other. that's about it.

August This was the last month that my favorite radio station, fly 92.7, was on the air. moment of silence.

September Discovered that I don't like mice, at all. Bought a live trap for the ones in our kitchen but I never caught any in there, we only caught them on the sticky traps which is a disgusting way to catch mice, they don't die, they just stick there and freak out. ewe.

October Spent most of the time doing grad school work... in an odd turn of events, I ended up in a nice practical class about microcontrollers, and finally learned assembly language! this made php programming kind of difficult because I kept thinking about flags while writing any code, but I was proud to have learned something new. Marc and I celebrated our one year anniversary, which we decided would be on halloween because it's easy to remember. I started keeping entries about our love more private to avoid making people sick.

November In work news, I did a hostile takeover of our department web page. It completely rocks now. Since then I've gotten a lot of good compliments and tips, and I'm proud of myself. I've also picked up some visual basic along the way. Don't worry, I know that's nothing to be proud of.

December Finished a semester with seven credits, all As! I'm halfway through grad school, go me! Quit the board of the gay rights organization due to burnout and the urg to give someone else a chance. I'll still be a member, don't worry.

new year's eve and teh suck

really struggling with what to do tonight. m is playing at a club downtown and got me on the list. we were also invited to a party about, oh, a mile or two from the house that honestly sounds a lot more fun. I'll go to the party, definitely, the question is do I want to break away and go to the club for a while. ewe. the debate begins.

don't go see him. it's dangerous to be out driving tonight anyway.

go see him! you're a bad girlfriend for not wanting to make out with your man at midnight!

you're a bad friend for ditching your other friends to go to a club.

aren't you young, beautiful and glamorous? get dressed up and have a night on the town! you won't be this fabulous forever, don't waste it by being a nerdy loser!

nerds aren't losers. club sheep are losers. stop denying your true self.

I've never been to a club on new year's eve, don't I need to go once to say I've done it? Especially this year, where I can walk up to the doorman and say, I'm on the list. I'm with the DJ. Isn't that too fabulous to throw away?

Parking will be a disaster.

Walking is good exercize.

m is working. it's always awkward when you go to his club and he's working, they force him to ignore you.

you'll still get to make out for thirty seconds. IN THE DJ BOOTH, LOOKING FABULOUS.
continue debate. also, my sister is with me and she's being NO help, she does not care what we do, only says that she'll be happy to come with me. le sigh.