December 23rd, 2006


last night/day in wichita

lessons learned from last night: it takes an hour, not thirty minutes, to make chicken parmesean if you start the process by opening the wine.

time for me to drive home! if anyone knows what time m's party starts tonight, reply here or text me? because I'm sort of clueless.

I just finished wrapping presents, still have a load of laundry to do and a shower to take, and would like to feel less hung over when I get on the road, so here's hoping. I'm glad I got off work early yesterday and came home and cleaned house, because I've been a lot less productive this morning than I thought I would. I got home about 3, put on some dancy christmas music, and got to it. marc got home around 4 and helped out, after we danced a little bit. my roommate comes home every night and, if she wants to relax, turns on the TV. When I had my own apartment, I would come home every night and turn on the stereo. It's just my style. Marc is the exact same way, when he came through the door he told me he'd been thinking about how great it was to have the house to ourselves, and that when he came home he'd play a CD.

I'm going to be sad to not be with him on Christmas. I miss him already. I never thought it would be so cool to date somebody who's like me and always wants there to be music.