December 3rd, 2006


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marc and I went to church this morning, and then to planet sub. it was my second planet sub meal in two days... I freaking love that place! but there's not one in west wichita where I live, there are two on the far east side of town, and one in emporia, where I was yesterday with divine ms. a.

so we went to planet sub, then we went next door to petland, and I got to play with a puppy. okay, I hate that pet stores sell dogs, I don't agree with anybody who buys a dog, I think people should go to shelters and adopt a dog that needs a home, but marc and I love to go look at puppies anywhere we can and humain society isn't open on sundays. and the guy saw me staring at this TINY french bulldog, so he brought the puppy out and asked if we wanted to play with her, so we spent a few minutes in the little "play with the puppy" booth thingies they've got. and she was adorable! holy crap I love puppies, she was giving marc kisses and jumping all over us and accidently got a toenail hooked into my tights, but still... AWE. tiny puppy. when marc and I get our own place, we have to get one. he's slightly allergic to dogs but as long as he doesn't rub his face on one (like he did today) he's okay.

we got back and I spent the afternoon rotating through tasks. working on a project for my class. making some christmassy pillowcases for the throw pillows on my bed. cleaning. the class project has been difficult, I'm writing a ton of assembly code, and I have to get up every so often, clear my head, then get back to it. yup. that's pretty much the gist of the day.