November 26th, 2006


spacefem's christmas list

I was going to start this entry by saying that I always love posting my list of stuff I want for christmas, and then linking to past lists I've posted on livejournal, but I actually couldn't find any. It's weird because I could have sworn I posted lists. Not because I want you to get me presents, just because it's fun to post, and if you know someone just like me maybe this is what they want to. And of course, my family reads my journal, and most of them just e-mail me their lists but that's just because they don't have livejournals.

  • a puppy
  • fabulous bookends
  • small cookie sheets
  • small cutting board(s)
  • argyle socks/tights
  • label maker
  • pint beer glasses, printed, to add to the collection
  • water buffalo
  • old navy perfect fit long sleeve v-necks - the soft ones that are made in cambodia. size M, not black or gray.
  • picture frames, 3x5 or 4x6, no matching sets.
  • USB drive, since I only have 128M ones. I love my "sport" one that has the black rubber thing all around it, but it'd be nice to have a 1-2G one
  • leather (or some equivalent) gloves - black or maroon
  • world peace
  • sweater shaver - one of those things that takes off the pills, you know?
  • travel coffee mug - make sure the lid screws on, doesn't just press on
  • a necklace hangar - the tree ones, that you set on the counter and hang necklaces off of
  • dvds - singin' in the rain, star trek season 5.

(no subject)

made it home! it was an uneventful trip... I hitched a ride with a coworker, very college like. we stopped in emporia and ate at the planet sub because it's awesome!

somewhere on the trip I realized I had no way to get into our house. usually I just use the garage door opener, but it was in my car, which marc had safely driven back to wichita a few days earlier because he had to work friday, and it was parked in the garage. fabulous. so I called the roommates, one was in missouri and the other was in an office downtown with no intention of getting back to the house, so I called marc at work and told him I needed to stop by and get his key. ten minutes later we were there, and pulled up and there was marc, outside, and I got out of my friend's truck and hugged marc and everything just sort of stopped. i missed him. we always joke about missing each other "like the desert miss the rain" (because anything that's a line in a 90s club song gets a special place in our vocabulary) but really, missing marc is like being hungry. that's about the only way I can describe it.