October 1st, 2006

lil brudder

assembly programming, grad school exams

I was so proud that this class I'm taking has me understanding assembly... I did really well on the test and even got full credit on the crazy program we had to write the code for on paper.

new issue though... when I write php, I blank out and can't write do...while loops anymore, I only think in jumps. jump on zero. jump on not zero. jump on rope. whatever. I could never be a programmer.

In other news... my probability test (also a Big Deal) had a question that's still bothering me. It was this: you're expecting a phone call in the next ten minutes. Given the fact that the call will not happen for 5 minutes, what is the probability that the call will happen between 6-8 minutes? [P(6<t<8|t>5)]

After doing a ton of weird poisson crap, I gave up, crossed it out, and put 40%. I feel bad about it. I mean, logically it's a simple question but I've found in this class when I try to think logically I get everything wrong because I'm not that smart. I also know that this is a graduate level course and we spent one week on simple obvious probability stuff and the rest of the unit on distribution/density functions and random variables, so why would he smack an elementary school question on there for 30 points?

I lost confidence in myself over the light bulb problem... there's two boxes of 100 light bulbs, one has 20 defective one and the other has 5, and when we did a practice problem I figured it didn't matter about the boxes, the chances of a light bulb being defective is 25/200. I was wrong... you have to figure there's a 50% chance of picking either box and do the conditional math and it changes all the probability. evidence that I'm not smart, so after I saw that, I lost faith in myself.

is anyone good at math who can make me feel better? or worse? or certain?