September 25th, 2006

lil brudder

I hate school again

CuteOverload: baby eats a puppy. CUUUTE!!!!

i'm only looking at that because studying hurts so much. Here's my impression of every probability class, especially the one I'm in right now that I DON'T GET AT ALL!!! And I have a test in three days. I'm going to die.

Chapter 1: A coin is flipped five times. What is the probability that heads only shows up once?

Spacefem: Well, since this is a nice Bernoulli trial, we can use the P(K)=n!/k!(n-k)!*p^k*q^(n-k) formula. So there are five trials and the event occurs once, so P(1)=5!/4!*.5^5*.5^1=5*.5^5=.15625. well that wasn't so bad!

Chapter 2: Yes, probability is fun and easy! Now show that characteristic functions can be used to determine the density fy(y) of the random variable y=g(x) in terms of the density fx(x).

Huh? what happened to the nice coin flipping?

Oh, we'll just talk in abstract variables from now on.

But I don't understand what you're talking about!

Well then, you have a low probability of passing this class, moron.

That's it, I'm dropping all this shit and taking pottery.

Yes! I win!