September 23rd, 2006

marc - goofing off

park activities

Even though fall depresses me because it's a sign that summer's over (basically the most depressing thing in the world) I have to admit that the weather is gorgeous. Marc had the day off today. We went out for breakfast, then went to the Indian Center for a while to check out the anniversary celebrations, and then planned to go to the zoo because we haven't been in, like, a month. But on the way back we drove through riverside park and saw all the people playing disc golf on the course out there and both admitted that we've always wanted to get into that, so we changed plans and went to the sporting goods store and both bought a golf disc thingy (they're like frisbees only a lot heavier, a little smaller, etc).

and that's how we spent the afternoon! I told marc I was a little uncomfortable doing something that I hadn't fully researched on the internet, but it was pretty easy after we found the first hole cage thingy and figured out that the random tree symbols on the concrete launch pad (which, I've since learned is called the "tee" just like in normal golf) were there to tell you where the cage was. yes! and there were tons of people out there to watch, carrying their collection of golf discs around in nifty bags. there were groups of guys who took smoke breaks between every other hole. there was one couple jogging the whole course, pausing for a few seconds to pick up their discs and re-throw them, that's basically insane.

we did 16 holes and had to leave because we'd promised marc's parents we'd meet them at a family thing for a while, so we did that and then came back home and went to SLEEP because spending all day frolicking in the park is hard work, you know? he had to go to work at 7, and I woke up at 9 to find the house empty, my roommate and everybody went out but I was out last night and don't much feel like it so I'm just chilling out here working on web stuff and thinking about my probability test next week (thinking, not studying for, need to get there of course). but for today I took the day off studying, it was good, it's okay to have some leisure time, right? right!

anyway, while I'm talking about marc... last night we went downtown to meet friends for a movie, but the movie was sold out, so we just walked around and had some drinks and went dancing. when we got back there was a flyer on the car, something about how we were all horrible sinners and needed to accept Jesus to save our souls. Annoying, basically. I read part of it out loud, and then asked Marc what people were thinking about using these arguments to "save" us, I mean, if I really didn't believe in God, would I believe in Hell? be afraid of it, even? And besides that, is "avoiding hell" really the #1 reason God wants us to believe in Him? To me, there's so much more to it than that. And Marc just looked at me and nodded, and said, "It's like saying that the most important reason to wear a seat belt is to avoid getting pulled over." Okay, so maybe people reading this won't see our conversation as a big deal, every day couples share ideas, spend time on the same level as one another, but to me it's a big deal because I've never been with anyone like that, who didn't look at me at one point and say that I either think too much or think in my own world that nobody cares to relate to. I warned marc about it once. I think I gave him permission to dismiss a few thoughts i'd come up with, because, i told him, I think about everything, i'm neurotic. and he said he knew, and that he'd never stop loving me, as long as I never stopped being neurotic. and so we have these conversations all the time, where I rant on about whatever's on my mind, and he's there with me. bigger deal than you think here, people. much bigger deal.