September 18th, 2006


lj layouts and grocery hell

So I took several days before saying anything about the new lj layout, mostly because I've lead community websites, and people are very resistant to change. everybody gets their grooves, you know?

but it really bugs me how, in safari, I can't highlight stuff on the comments page. I mean, WTF?

Also, in safari, if I go to the end of the page, it's always just a big blank nothing. there's all this pointless extra space underneath the comments. I didn't realize what a habit I had of doing option+down to read the most recent comments until this issue came up.

so I'm trying to decide if I 1) learn to deal 2) switch to firefox or 3) figure out how to go back to an old lj layout (they've had that option when they've made previous changes, but I hate doing it, like i'm letting progress down).

in other news, i'm in an AWFUL mood because I went to the grocery store for method cleaner and romain lettuce and they didn't have method cleaner and the lettuce looked like someone crapped it out onto the produce bin. so I left without getting anything, and in my fury, didn't realize until I'd walked to my car that I left the two eco bags I'd brought in the shopping cart. suck! ran back in and my cart was gone, bags were gone, nobody around had them, I went to customer service and they took down my information. I'm so mad. I only have (er, had) four eco bags because you can't find them anywhere in wichita, the place I bought them from the one time just had them, like, that week. I could order some online I guess. anyway it's a beautiful day so I guess I could postpone homework to go take a walk and settle down a little.

5:37 edit - the store called, they found my bags. okay world sorry I was so angry at you :)