August 26th, 2006


fridge drama

My roommate is not good with leftovers, and it pains me. She makes a meal, puts what she and her boyfriend don't eat in a little tupperware container, and that's where it stays until we clean out the fridge three weeks later and throw it out. She buys deli meats with the intention of making sandwiches for lunch during the day, makes one sandwich, and lets the rest expire. There's currently fish in our fridge that she made Saturday. Her mom visited once, made homemade soup for her, and nobody ate the last two servings.

I, on the other hand, am a connoisseur of leftovers. It's my favorite food. I package things in lunch-size portions, plan days in advance what my eating will involve, and truly enjoy the taste of five home cooked meals that only required one home cooking endevour.

So I've taken to liberating her food lately, for three reasons. First, it feeds me. Second, if I don't eat it, we don't have room in the fridge for my food, she'll just leave that stuff in there forever (she's almost taken over the freezer already, I can't let her have the fridge too). Third, I hate hate hate seeing wasted food, there are starving children! I tend to pace myself. I mean, it's not like I eat stuff the day after she puts it in there. But if she buys a pound of sliced deli turkey five days before its expiration date, and two days before the date she's eaten four slices, I figure it's not on schedule to be eaten and go at it.

Tuesday her and her boyfriend made this huge pasta chicken thing. I mean, we're talking four quarts of leftover food goodness, and she even said that had I been there when they made it, I could have shared with them. So on Thursday I took some of it for lunch, and then I get home last night and her boyfriend is like, "Do you know who ate our chicken and pasta?"

yeah, because there's like, 20 people who live here. not. I told him I took a little for lunch the day before. Then he's like, "Well that was our dinner plan for tonight and now there's not enough left." I told him that they, as a couple, have proven themselves incapable of handling Leftover Rights, so I stepped in to help out.

Then instead of doing what I would do to stretch it (make a salad or a couple chicken breasts, split remaining leftover pasta and call it good) they go out to eat and leave the whole thing untouched.

I'm not sure this would be good for roommate relations, but I'm thinking about eating the rest of that stuff today. it's good, it's got artichokes in it and I really like those. I'll give them until after lunchtime at least.