August 12th, 2006


doctor shows

I've been getting into gray's anatomy reruns. it's actually a really good show, but I resisted it when it was in first runs and my roommate was all into it. I think, secretly, I resent medical dramas because I think someone should make a cool show about engineers. I mean, besides making fun of us. I always think about how awesome it'd be to make a documentary about our airplane, if it didn't mean giving up so many company inside secret things, you know how that goes.

and then of course there'd be major liability issues because knowing us some "almost feature" would be discussed in the documentary, not implemented, and then someone would have an accident on the airplane and point to it. lawyers ruin everything. I'm even forbidden from making certain notes in meeting minutes, like once I wrote, "we're worried that if *this* happened during *this* phase of flight, something bad would happen" and my boss said that since I'd be e-mailing those minutes out, I'd get rid of the whole sentence. we make incredibly, unbelievably safe airplanes, so safe it's silly sometimes, but we're still cautious about the liability stuff. oh, and it really hurts us from having a lessons-learned kind of database. like it'd be so great to have a database full of general airplane ideas out there, but we're afraid to keep any information like that stored because some lawyer some day could ask why we didn't just do it.

but all that bs aside... I mean, what are doctor shows really about, anyway? characters! they have patients as props, sure, but we watch them for the cool, quirky people, the tense situations, the high-pressure life and "family" feeling that a medical team has, and engineers have that too! hell, if anything, we're even quirkier.