July 1st, 2006


social time capsule - 2006

marc thinks that we, as a couple, may be maintaining more social circles than what's average and this makes us scene whores, but it's who we are and we shouldn't be ashamed of it. I was commenting on how I felt tired Friday night and wanted to go home early, which made sense since I had to work today, but then again I worked all the other days too and that didn't stop us from going out. here's the diary of the week:

saturday - DJ annalyze at Game (electronic music scene)
sunday - church (God scene) and then pride (gay scene)
monday - baseball game with divine ms A and her boyfriend (casual best friend scene)
tuesday - politics group meeting (leftist scene)
wednesday - league night (bowling scene)
thursday - after-work get-together (airplane makers scene)
friday - final friday (art scene, with gay scene crossover)
today - nap. for at least an hour before I go out again.

there's little overlap in the groups... my work friends don't like my gay friends (too gay) my bowling friends wouldn't like art friends (class wars) the electronic music friends DEFINITELY don't get the church friends (although the church friends would try, i'm sure). really having a good mix just makes me feel happy, like I'm part of the city, like I'm out of the house. and the people who really matter (marc, and divine ms a) get along with everybody, so that's going for us. I've sort of dropped out of the linux user group scene, should get back to that someday. oh, and it's weird that I've been taking WSU classes for like two years and there's no engineering student scene. I guess I'm out of days, anyway.