May 29th, 2006


daily websites

okay, this is not a MEME, because those are lame and I hate them. this is just me trying to learn about my friends. question for your reply to this entry: what five websites do you visit most?

my top 5:
1) livejournal
3) advicenators
5) slashdot

really, I'm sort of fishing to see how many people are myspace regulars, but I'm not going to come right out and say that. oops, I just did. oh well. I am not on myspace, it just seems like everyone else is. which is part of the reason why I refuse to join.

because as I always say, if you're going to judge something by how popular it is, you might as well judge it negatively.

amazing food

this morning I got on my bathroom scale and it said I was at like 165... shit! I started freaking out, then marc was like, "seriously babe, let me show you what fat is" and he got on there and was like 20 pounds over what he normally is. so of course, we decided the scale must be wrong, since there's no way we could both be up at least 15 pounds in a matter of three days.

looking back on the three days though, I'm not so sure. my diet has basically turned to total crap since I got home and started the holiday on friday. here's my portrait of amazing caloric intake:

Friday - marc cooks navajo tacos, aka, giant pieces of fried bread topped with everything you'd ever want, with the potential to be folded into taco form after you eat it down a little. I eventually got there, but only finished about half of it. damn it was good though.

Saturday - marc cooks breakfast - fresh shredded potatoes cooked up into hash browns with eggs and bacon. We weren't hungry again until like 3, when I suddenly realized I was starving and inhaled two taco bell chalupas in five minutes. Finished the day with two slices of pizza at like 8:00 when we got back from the pool (where we'd been drinking margaritas... another health food, huh?)

Sunday - just had cereal for breakfast, then went to marc's parents for lunch and consumed my weight in barbque chicken. wasn't hungry again until Jason and I were heading out to the clubs at like 11, when we both realized we should eat, so we went to burger king for the $1 whopper jr special (at least I held the mayo).

Today - went out for breakfast. damn again! didn't even feel right afterwards, I felt like I was waddling everywhere. must work out today... if it doesn't storm I can get on my bike. then I'm eating nothing but vegetables.

I love having this weekend to just lay around but it's given us too much time to completely screw up our food. When I lived alone, I'd use spare time to cook healthy things. Now, with the group, we'd rather eat out or cook bad things (and when I say bad, of course, I mean it tastes good). this house will make me fat. also, I love marc cooking, but he seems to think that if you love someone, you'll overfeed them... my boyfriend will make me fat. okay, so, yes, going outside to work this off some, I'd love to think my little scale is wrong but I can totally see it being right.