May 4th, 2006

ellington field

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Before I had the job that I have now, I had this internship at a company that basically made me hate my life for three months. story: they hired way too many interns than they needed with the down-turning economy, and we flat out had nothing to do. it was awful, I just sat there for eight hours a day surfing the internet and doing odd jobs if my boss felt sorry for me (tough assignments like, "Here's a 500 page document... decide which 200 pages are the most important and just print those off and put them in notebooks for me, so I'll have them, but not waste too much paper.")

so anyway I had this wall calendar and every single day before I went home I'd get a sharpie and draw a big X through that day. Fridays after work I'd mark off Saturday and Sunday, so that was pretty awesome. That feeling that another day was gone was great, and I wanted to relish it, it was a highlight... being done with it.

Flash four years: today I looked up at my wall calendar and realized that it was still turned to March. there were no days crossed off. days happen, and they're all different, and all cool, and the best part of the day is no longer the end. I feel pretty lucky about the whole thing. it turns out you can like your job and your life from Monday through Friday, contrary to what you hear on the radio... it can be okay.