April 13th, 2006

beep beep beep bonk

voice mail

okay, I'm thinking about changing my voice mail to say something like, "Hi, you have reached my voice mail, but I have caller ID so if you just want me to call you back you don't have to leave a message, I can see that you called. In fact, if you leave a message, it'll just slow down my calling you back because I'll have to stop to check my voice mail first, and I'll be in a bad mood because my voice mail is annoying and doesn't let me delete a message until I listen to the whole thing. And anyway if I don't call you back when I see I've missed your call, it's because I don't like you, and a voice mail won't change that. text me. or e-mail. or call later. or something... just don't leave a message... PLEASE!!!" BEEEEEEP!

anyway if you call me and that's what it says, it's not you, it's everyone.


I liked this article: http://www.townhall.com/opinion/columns/lindachavez/2006/04/05/192544.html

I agree with her. Everybody is hating illegal immigrants right now, and well, I can't.

First, my great-grandparents came here from Germany to escape the Kaiser so I feel like it'd be a little hypocritical. The only person I know who's roots are actually from this country is my boyfriend, a native-american, who's thinks differentiating between illegal immigrants and everyone else in this country is like examining the difference between pizza and calzones... call it what you want, it's the same damn thing.

Second, I've always felt like if my good job and salary are mine because I'm smart, worked hard, and earned them, then I deserve it. If I have my job because I lucked out and was born in America, it's not right for me. If it requires me holding down someone else's salary and keeping them back, because I'm afraid to really compete, it's not worth it.

Illegal immigrants pay taxes, maintain houses, hold down jobs, and do all sorts of generally good things that help our society out, and we want them all gone... why? Because they want a safe place to raise families, like we want? They're not supposed to want that unless they're born Americans?

We're this country of immigrants that hates immigrants, it's so weird.