March 19th, 2006

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it's a wheat shock, you know? wheat?

My folks were in town yesterday so for fun in the afternoon we went downtown to Oscar's sports bar and watched the WSU game on the big screen. I pretty much suck at being a WSU fan. I've been taking classes there for over two years now but I don't own a single t-shirt, sweatshirt, big giant hand, socks, bumper sticker, or vanity licence plate denoting such. hell, I still wear my pitt state stuff everywhere. I've heard being a grad student is like that but who knows.

but anyway, now that our basketball team is in the NCAA tournament for the first time in like a million years I'm interested and was really excited to watch the game. and holy crap... WE WON!!! It was so weird and so great and so close the whole time, and we were playing Tennessee, and it was a second round game which nobody even really thought we'd make it to play in the first place. And I was with all these crazy yelling people watching it on a movie theater sized screen and mom and I were jumping up and down hugging each other and it was a blast.

I think I could get into anything if I get to watch it with 200 other crazy fans. championship lawn mowing. iron chef. whatever. and this is so cool because Wichita doesn't have a team in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, or anything else big. this is it for us, and we're thrilled and love each other and every store has GO SHOCKERS in the window and everybody is wearing black and gold, and there were all these people at the airport waiting to welcome to team home, and they don't play again until Thursday so we have at least this long to just glow with the pride of a sweet sixteen entry. I love sports.