February 7th, 2006


medicine and recovery

I slept in today and had a horrible dream about killing a bunny rabbit, and I was halfway done killing it, all its fur was gone and it was bleeding, and I didn't know what to do next. Then when I stopped to think, I couldn't remember why I'd wanted to kill it in the first place.

I went to the doctor and told him about my episode yesterday. He told me what some of you did... that a person can have a migraine, without a migraine. So he prescribed some very expensive medication for me to take next time something like that happens. He also said he wanted to run some tests... MRI, EEG, something else, I don't even know, and I was like, "Is all this necessary? If you think it's a migraine, and this has only happened once, why run all this? What are the odds that we're wrong?" He basically said that the odds were low, and if I really wasn't worried about it, I didn't have to take the tests. It's just nice to rule out things like stroke or aneurysm.

One of my coworkers told me it was good that my doctor wanted to run tests and answer questions. I was like, "He's got questions. I've got insurance. Put us together and baby, that's America."

So I agreed to the tests, because when it comes down to it I am a pussy, and I'm waiting to hear back from them on scheduling. Once when I was 19 or so I visited an obgyn I didn't like. I'm tall and black out a lot, and when I noted that he thought I should be tested for some rare heart condition that has no treatment and won't effect my life unless I get pregnant, at which time I'll basically be high risk from day one. I told him that test sounded lame and wasn't worth having the blood drawn. He made me sign a thing. Anyway... that was me, not wanting to have blood drawn, and now I'm going to get an MRI? weird.

At work everyone had heard about me and was surprised to see me walking around being normal. I was really fine though. And tomorrow, if I'm not fine, I can take $20 worth of medicine in thirty seconds and maybe be fine again. Marc just thinks it's funny that I spent so much on drugs to make the wavy, colorful lines and disjointed thoughts go away. He's like, "You had all that, and no headache? Some people pay a lot to get there."