February 6th, 2006


medical issues

three times since I had the flu, I've been sitting at my desk and suddenly started seeing spots. soon, my periferal vision is gone. after an hour or so, it comes back and I'm fine.

today this happened again and instead of sitting at my desk staring into space I went downstairs to a quiet test lab to wait it out. I got worse. I had a manual in front of me to pretend to read, and my vision was coming back, but I couldn't read it... the words weren't making it to my brain or something. I couldn't think how to put a sentence together to talk. I started writing things down but writing was hard... I wrote that I needed help, and it took me three tries to spell "help" right and make the letters, I wrote that my hands were "nubm", and they were, especially my right one. I started crying and walked outside the hall and showed it to this poor old flight test engineer I knew, and tried to say that I needed something, needed help, but I was a mess.

He got a first responder, who took my pulse and asked me some questions and I tried to talk but it was nearly impossible. The first responder called health services, who brought a medical kit, tested my blood sugar, asked more questions. I was shaking and they told me to take deep breaths and I did and then I'd be fine, then I'd forget to take deep breaths and start shaking again. I didn't feel cold but they said my hands were freezing. I could squeeze things okay, and I could walk, but I couldn't speak or write still.

I told them that the problem had been going on for twenty minutes or so... I'd noticed it around 3. They told me it was past 4:30. They drove me to the health services department and took blood pressure again but then I was getting to be fine... a totally different person, they said. But they wouldn't let me drive so I called marc, who was in newton, then Jason, who came and got me, and they told jason to take me to the immediate care place, so I did. By the time we got there marc showed up and sat with me. I had a splitting headache and still couldn't read words out loud, and still stumbled through talking, but I was better.

I'm supposed to go to my doctor tomorrow, if I can, to talk to him, get some tests run, find out what's wrong. The guy at immediate care said that even though I'm young, birth control puts me at a slight stroke risk, I need to be watched. if it happens again go to the emergency room without thinking about it.

I didn't like it. It was scary.