January 2nd, 2006


basic vacationing

good weekend. yesterday my sister was still in town, so marc and I took her to the zoo (after everyone woke up of course, which was around, oh, noon or so). for some reason the chimpanzees weren't out so that was disappointing, but the river otters were going nuts. we watched them for a good 20 minutes or so, just sitting on a bench outside, watching them do laps back and forth through the water. it was a really nice day. we weren't wearing coats, just sweatshirts. by the time we were leaving the zoo the sun was setting and the sky had gotten pink and orange. Kansas has the greatest sunsets.

she was going to leave that evening but decided not to... we watched Madagascar and ate frozen pizzas (which marc calls "freezer pizzas") and I worked on my computer some. the computer project is going okay... I have my planet cut out and my lights in, but I still have that crappy loud chipset fan and I can't seem to get it off the chipset. It's bonded on there forever with thermal adhesive. The situation seems hopeless. I even posted about it in computersupport and got no help at all. But anyway, the lights are cool so I get some pics up pretty soon.

I spent the morning working on a website, watching the rose parade and some football, eating salad. Marc and I went shopping and we were at world market where we found, get this, space pasta! just like normal pasta, except shaped like spaceships and planets and astronauts and stars and stuff! So we took it home and made a huge thing of baked macaroni and cheese and ate until we couldn't eat any more. I just looked for space pasta on the world market website and couldn't find it, but trust me, it's there, and it's phenomenally spacey.

Weird thing of the day: was talking to a friend of mine from Oregon who said that our pronunciation of the word "comfortable" here drove him crazy. Everyone here says "comfterble". I never even thought about it, but I do it too... who's to say where that extra syllable went? So is that just a Kansas thing or what?