November 4th, 2005


update, because I have no time to update

This week has been so crazy shitty busy... every night going to school to work on classwork, working late, writing a CMS for a political website I'm doing. I'm exhausted.

good news is that marc is still here... whoh! and we're obsessively enamoured with one another... I come home, he's here, smiling, saying he's better now that I'm around, asking what he can do to help me. I've got him doing the cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping... I kinda suggested that with my schedule, there'd be no food if he waited on me to think of what to get, and he's like, "Make me a list, I'll do whatever you want." I'm not saying you have to be the housewife here, babe. "I'm saying it."

He's looking for jobs and that's going okay, lots of applications got dropped off. He's not really picky, just needs to find something fast.

We do everything together. He'll be in the room when I'm studying, just to be there. We wake up together, go to sleep together, shower together... it's the fastest relationship I've ever had. sometimes it's weird. mostly it feels okay.