October 23rd, 2005



I've had a nice, calm, relaxing weekend. I spent most of Saturday alone in the house doing quiet things. I got programming done on a website I'm doing for a group, I sewed a costume for halloween, I did homework. At night I went to a party and my friend Chris' house and that was fun... good music, good drinking, good friends. I went home early because I was tired. Got in around 2.

Today I woke up and worked some more, and then went to a meeting in Emporia for gay rights stuff, and that took up most of the day.

I'm changing my sheets out and putting the flannel ones on. Usually I wait until November for that, but I decided it's cold enough. It's below 70 in the house right now and it's supposed to get downright COLD outside at night all week. being cold makes me wish marc was here to keep me warm. so, yeah, flannel sheets.

my parents called. I didn't pick up the phone. I'm not talking to them.