October 3rd, 2005


is it me, or this state?

marc and I are having an increasingly amazing time together, and it's starting to make me worry. at first, it was just fun, we were just friends, but we've been talking more, being together more, all that... and I'm reminded that he's leaving town at the end of the week.


seriously! is it just that they're easier to get involved with or what? 75% of the people I've hooked up with this year live outside my area code... two in different states! I just can't seem to get with a wichita guy, I don't know what my problem is.


1) wichita guys suck.

2) my subconscious wants me to be single, so it only lets me be attracted to guys who won't stay around.

3) out of town guys are more likely to hook up, since the strings are easier to get rid of (these aren't really hook ups though... ethan and I still talk, and marc and I are on a much more emotional level now than a hookup is supposed to be. Travis was a hookup... I didn't care anything for him, and he's the only guy I've been with recently who lives in wichita. hrm.)

4) I'm more likely to make a move on out of town guys, since my time is limited.

5) I'm cursed.

6) I'm stupid.

7) I need to get the hell out of wichita.

8) I need to get a real boyfriend, and quit hooking up.

9) I thought we decided these weren't hookups?

10) I have a blister on my left foot from the shoes I bought last friday.

I can't think, I'm just gonna quit.