September 23rd, 2005



My apartment is furniture-less! Yup... after work today I had some friends over and we just moved everything, it was awesome, and I was so grateful to have friends who didn't mind helping me move. I bought them beer and pizza, and they even thanked me for that. I had called around to get costs for professional movers and it's hundreds of dollars to have them come out. friends rock.

So I had to come back to the apartment for a variety of reasons... like, I had the guys move my bed, but my sheets were still here. d'oh. I showered and plan to change clothes and drive to a hang out place to meet some folks. Really, I'm exhausted and would rather focus on unpacking but they were giving me hell about that, since I've got all weekend. point taken.

one friend who just had knee surgery couldn't help me move, but said he had a truck I could borrow anyway, so I picked it up last night. it's a 1980 GMC and it ROCKS! I drove it out to get beer last night, because it's just totally the kind of vehicle you've gotta go get beer in. You can move the steering wheel +/- 20° and not effect which way the truck is being steered. It takes six tries to start it up, and I've killed it going from park to drive like three times. but hey, free truck! it's big and loud and pretty tough... made me feel very butch.

so yeah. gotta pack up my kitchen stuff, clothes, bathroom, tools, and then clean this place, and then I'm done. outta here. wow!