September 21st, 2005


still online!

So last night was a major packing endevour... dear Andrea, aka swift kick, came over to keep me inspired and helped out. It went really well, which is good because I was starting to totally freak out. I mean, I'd packed lots of crap, and still couldn't see FLOOR. She helped organize and get stuff in boxes and even load and unload. We packed for about two hours, then loaded up and drove over. The loading and unloading took about thirty minutes, including the drive... kinda sad, when I thought about how long it took to pack it all.

So now my apartment has no art on the walls or books on the shelves or little side tables with lamps... I even packed up my linux box, all the peripherals associated with it, my cable modem and wireless router. I just decided that I'd live without internet for a few days.

My laptop decided otherwise... as soon as I unplugged my router I was informed that a wide selection of alternate wireless networks laid before me, and sure enough, half of them aren't password protected. So I'm secretly internetting at home right now for free... I won't use this for anything weird like banking, but for a quick livejournal update, it's all good! Is this the most fabulous century, or what?

Side note: I can't believe people run wireless networks with no passwords in an APARTMENT COMPLEX. I don't think anyone here is smart or bizarre enough to be running a malicious rouge ap, I think they're just set up. I guess I'll find out, won't I?

Anyway tonight I am not packing, I am studying for a huge nasty test I have tomorrow. And listening to music... I did NOT pack my receiver or speakers. Every day, I need clothes, food, allergy medicine, and my music. This place sounds different with so much less stuff in it.