September 10th, 2005



I'm not sure if I've written this yet, but I'm moving in with a dog. I've always wanted to live with a dog so when my future roommate said she had one, I was pretty excited, and I still am. Bailey is this gigantic golden retriever, a little over a year old, and he's insane.

So far I've been a giant disappointment for Bailey, which is sad, but he's not giving up. He knows (knows) that any human, at any time, could play with him, because that's what we're here for, he just has to be patient and remind us. Usually I'll be unpacking boxes and he comes over with a ball and it's all nasty and he nudges it up against some exposed skin that I'm not used to having slobber on... it gets my attention but I've got stuff to do, so I'm like, "Sorry, Bailey, it's not playtime."

So he figures it's the ball, so he goes and gets something else, and I have to explain, "No, it's not time to play with that funny rubber thing, either." and then "No, definitely not the rag. That rag is disgusting." Then I go upstairs and he's like, "YES! It's the GO UP THE STAIRS game!" so the sounds of me moving are compounded by this enormous animal pounding up from the basement.

Sometimes it's annoying but I've got to admire the perseverance... he won't give up on anyone. It's one of those ways that dogs are so much cooler than people.
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