August 27th, 2005


the weekend!

So last night I was working hard at the computer lab at school trying to matlab it up, when I get this text message from pam telling me I just HAVE to get my ass to this sports bar in old town.

oh, what the hell. I was about done with my assignment, and it's been a tough first week of classes, I deserve to go out for one beer.

I'm not sure what all went wrong after that, I just know that I had entirely too much to drink last night. I told myself that when classes started, my bar-hopping days would at least relax some... I guess not! I had a hell of a time though. Just drank beer, too! I guess that's what went wrong, I don't usually see beer as a drink that really gets to me but apparently it does, when I just have a little salad for dinner and drink four of them.

I was so not in the mood to go out, not dressed to go out, not anything, but people just kept joining us and when people join the party, you can't leave. So I was dancing at heroes. singing karaoke at indigo. wanted to make it to mort's, but I decided to check it out before I urged the group to go there, so I just left indigo by myself and started walking down the street when I realized I was a little too drunk to really walk anywhere... that's bad. so I sat down next to some pole by some street musicians, I don't think I really heard what they were playing because they had to compete with like three bars blaring music from patios, but I gave them one of the four dollars I had left in exchange for the entertainment while I was sitting in the sidewalk dirt. And I thought about how much I love this part of town. I love people-watching on a friday night, love the music, love how many people I have to hang out with these days. wichita is great.

And that's where my friends found me around midnight... totally happy with the world, sitting on the ground 20 feet away from the club I'd last seen them in. I think they were afraid I was going to pass out under the streetlight... really I was just listening to the musicians. They took one look and said, "You're going home." And that's where they took me.

So I'm sitting here debating whether I should call someone for a ride to my car this lovely morning, just do without my car for the day, or ride my bike out there (it's like six miles, not a bad ride, really) and get it. I think the bike thing would be a good idea. fresh air, exercize... I need to do something good for myself.