July 19th, 2005


party engineering

I was talking to some friends today about our weekend, and the club we were all at. I wouldn't say I'm "into the club scene". I go like once a month... usually we just chill at bars and hear a band or something on the weekends. But there's also a part of me that's just in love with DJs.

Like, the place we were at Saturday had four guys working behind the DJ booth. They were running lights, tying the songs together, keeping it all loud and rhythmic and mindless for a 100% packed floor, and I think that's cool as hell. Sometimes they make mistakes... like when one of them got on a mic and said we were all at "the hottest party in Wichita, Kansas" and you could see everyone trying their best to ignore him because the whole point of going to a club is forgetting that you're stuck in Wichita, Kansas (duh). But most of the time it's just great.

club music is engineering. you put techno with dance with electronic and whatever else you want to spit out to keep people interested, and part of it's art I'm sure, but a bigger part is just science. I paused more than once to just look at the DJs, to watch them watching us and working all their computers and control boards. it made me want to do it, even though I don't know a damn thing about techno and I'm totally not into it for normal, everyday listening music.

cool is a science.