July 18th, 2005



Here's an idea: would anyone like to have advicenators? I'm serious... the code, the headache, the influence. Maybe I'll put it up on ebay.

This week it's become even more apparent that I do not have the time to manage the websites that I'm running. I don't think I want to offload spacefem.com. I could re-do the CMS on that one and keep it, even if it means scaling it back, all I really care about is the forum anyway. But advicenators could totally go. As much as I love writing code for it in my freetime, I don't have any freetime, and security scares definitely take away from that.

Good little website. Pulls in $150 a month (last month was a good month... I got $208). It might have some security issues so you'll have to know some php. You'll also have to want to keep it running... that's important to me. I really don't want to see my websites die, I'm just sort of drowning in them and have been for, oh hell, three years now. So if I could get someone to take them, I'd let it run on my server for a month or two and then scale back and get something just big enough to run spacefem.com and the sites I'm hosting on my existing server, which is all small, and I'd be happy.