May 20th, 2005


i'm 25!

Here's a hint: Never go to the grocery store the day before your birthday. I did, and it cost me like $90. I just needed milk and lettuce but it all just sort of evolved... "The strawberries look good. Oh what the heck, it's my birthday!" Then it went from the harmless little stuff like that and got worse, until I was just throwing stuff in the cart never thinking of how I'd feel if I, say, actually polished off three different types of jello no-bake deserts.

but hey, you can have anything you want on your birthday, right?

if you want entertainment, check out the birthday thread started for me by the forum members two days ago. I have deep love for them. They've taken to addressing me as "lady spacefem" which is adorable in itself, and on birthdays they find random pictures to make people smile. my thread is great. yay for May 20!

Oh, and for wwconando, I'll remind everyone that today is also Cher's birthday! So happy birthday to her, too!