April 12th, 2005


and in feminism...

Last weekend I read in someone's journal that Andrea Dworkin had died. I think it was on wikipedia, but nowhere else... so I ignored it. Chalked it up to stupid internet "rumors of my death have been greatly exagerated" type stuff, since she's only 58 and there are plenty of people who probably wouldn't mind her being dead.

I ran across more stories tonight... she died Saturday. a tragic loss.

here's the short review I wrote of Heartbreak about a year ago. I was a bit torn about the book, since I'm so libertarian, but she described such pure, righteous anger I couldn't help but feel like getting right behind her. In a world where we're surrounded by people who "play politics" and act diplomatic to all the wrong sides, Dworkin was a punishingly honest voice that everyone, especially women, should read.