March 5th, 2005


where did all the mp3s go?

When I was in college I could download any mp3 I could ever want off Napster. I didn't feel really good about it, but I justified it by saying that the opportunity to buy all this obscure music wasn't even out there.

Now the opportunity to buy is alive and kicking, and I love iTunes, but I can no longer download any mp3 I could ever want! There's this song at the end of Iron Jawed Angels called "Beautiful" by a group called Mandalay - not in iTunes. I think "The Promise" by When in Rome is one of the coolest 80s songs ever made - can't download it. I even booted into Windows and tried Kazaa for my growing list of songs I can't find, but the recording industry has ruined peer-to-peer so that only one or two users online have these songs and the downloads time out.

Anybody got any ideas for me on this one? I guess I could just buy the whole albums, but I just want that one song... I thought the new age of internet was supposed to solve that issue!