January 21st, 2005


Naboo is gone!

I gave my parakeet away.

Yes, I did! Okay, the whole story starts last weekend, when I was chilling around the apartment listening to the birds fight. This is pretty normal. I've come home on several occasions to find blood somewhere on little agamemnon; naboo just picks on her without mercy. I've been in denial about the situation for the past year. I posted in bird communities asking for tips and everyone said I was giving them enough space... maybe try two food dishes, two sets of toys, a nightlight so they wouldn't be afraid of the dark? I did. It didn't help.

Anyone last weekend I finally snapped and went into my room and aggy's whole face was a mess, her bottom beak part was screwed up and broken. I took her out, rinsed her off, and set her on a towel, where she promptly fell asleep. I knew my denial had been going on long enough... my parakeets were not getting along, and aggy, who's old, crippled, and weak but incredibly dear to my heart, wasn't going to make it long with naboo.

So I put a partition in their aquarium and looked at cages, but they all seemed expensive and ugly and I didn't want to even think about how to find a place to put it (in my tiny apartment, it was going to be a real challenge). At work the next day I was so angry at Naboo for being such an asshole all the time and trying to attack aggy for fun, so on a whim I put an ad in the company trader: "Free parakeet. Very healthy but picks on other birds." I also posted a question in parrot_lovers asking if it'd be bad for aggy to be by herself all day, and everyone seemed to be of the opinion that if I played with her, she'd be fine. If nothing else being alone is always better than being eaten.

I figured no one would answer the ad, because come on, who'd give a noisy parakeet a home? But I got four calls! And after work today, this guy Mike came and got her. He said, "We used to have a bunch of finches in this cage, and we've even got a spot out on our deck where we'd hang the cage so they could chirp at other birds." Perfect. I told him that she likes lettuce and to call me if there were any problems.

So Naboo is gone, and it's just me and agamemnon. Safe, blood-free aggy, who's healed quite a bit in the last week since being sequestered, but now has an adaquate amount of space to herself since she's got the whole aquarium. I feel pretty good about the whole situation. Yes, it's bad to give away your pets, because they're supposed to be part of the family, but I don't think naboo will miss me much. And if she wanted to be part of the family she shouldn't have been so violent about it.