December 31st, 2004


new year's eve eve!

Ended up having a little gathering at my place last night. It was fun because I don't get people over to the apartment often... I made a batch of spinach and chicken enchilladas, sent my little sister to the store for a jug of taquilla so we could all drink margaritas to our satisfaction. and we did. gotta pay her back for that today. she was impressed that she could buy a huge jug of taquilla like that and not get carded... yup, that's my neighborhood liquor store. she's 21 + 5 months old and still gets that feeling like she's doing something wrong when she buys alcohol, which is amusing.

egads... there were nine of us here at one point, a sparkling combination of old college friends, coworkers, and gay rights activists. there was one sober driver for us when we voted to go to pistachio's because we heard Ron Jeremy was there, but when we got there they wanted $20 to get in. To see Ron Jeremy? I mean, he doesn't do anything but... well you know what he does, but he wasn't doing that there, he was just signing autographs and stuff.

so we went bowling. and that was fun.

then I threw up in the bowling alley restroom because I'd had entirely too many margaritas and a bonus shot of taquilla. that was very unpleasant. I think I left my phone in my former boss's car. uh. I don't feel too well.