December 29th, 2004

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parking my behind, trying to help tsunami victims

What is it about the post-holiday period that just makes you feel like a zombie? I laid in bed reading, not wanting to do anything yesterday, until I decided that it was Kansas City doing it to me and I needed to go home. So I got up and went home. Now today I'm laying around here not doing anything but watching TV and reading e-mail on the G4 soulmate.

E-mail can be inspirational though, that's why I'm making this livejournal entry. I got a note from this very cool guy I knew in high school, Kale, who's been doing mission work all over the world like a crazy person for the last 3-4 years or so. He sends some very reflective, interesting material. I think he's in India now, and although he wasn't personally effected by the tsunami he's been to a lot of the places that were. He's sure that shop owners he talked to a year ago are gone now, streets where he walked are ruined.

So I'm looking for ways to help and figured I'd put up a short list of places I'd found that need some cash. Now that Christmas is over, i've already established credit card debt, so I figure adding to it is no big deal.

JustGive.Org is a charity review site. They've set up a special page for tsunami relief with a list of the different organizations and what they do.

Charity Watch has an even bigger list.

CARE USA does a lot in that region. They've got a big red banner at the top of their main page so you can donate to help with their efforts in Asia right now, and even a first-hand account by their director in Japan.

Oxfam has sent 27 tons of emergency equipment and is working quickly with the UN and other international communities to coordinate efforts.

Doctors Without Borders is providing much-needed medical aid - they're fairly high-profile so I went to their website it was down, but they had news of what they were doing in Asia and links to donate.

United Methodist Committee on Relief I'm a Methodist, so I've gotta give mad propz to my church for working with other organizations to restore infrastructures and provide food and housing.

So there you go! When a disaster like this hits, it can be tempting for us to push it out of our heads. I can't even start to wrap my brain around the situation, but there are organizations who can. They've been through earthquakes and tsunamis before and know where to go to action and how to get started, and they need our help.