December 21st, 2004


four days left

Happy solstice! Tonight I addressed my Christmas cards. I'll send them out after work tomorrow, which means they'll be in the mail by the 23rd, which means everyone will get them late. I suck. Or I could just fake everybody out, say that I'm not doing cards at all this year, and just sending out my 2005 ones really, really early.

At work this week I've actually been wiring stuff. It's great. My job is all computer usually... I make the drawing, send it to the wiring people, it gets put on an airplane and I never see it. Or sometimes it's a test cable that I do see, but I don't get to see it built. Well lately the wiring people have been swamped, so we decided to just make our own damn test cables. I've learned how to use the crimpers to put pins on wires and then put them into a connector. I haven't learned to use our shield terminations or splices yet but that's coming soon too, I'm sure. I got to solder things. I haven't done that much soldering since college, when we used to do it for 18 hours straight or whatever. I wasn't good at it, then or now. But it's electrically connected and that's all that counts.

When I'm not doing that I'm documenting test results for hours and hours on end. It's much more prestigious and appreciated, but so mind-numbing.