December 20th, 2004


inner turmoil

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Five days until Christmas. I have not packed. I have not addressed a SINGLE christmas card. Mom's present is in the mail. I had to work late and this place is a mess. I had a good weekend though. Went to two christmas parties; both were quite fun. After a party last night, I went to the mall. It was about 7:00 and I figured it was still open because the parking lot was pretty full, but not totally full because nobody expects the mall to be open Sunday night. That was one of the key things I learned from working at the mall: during the holiday season, we keep really different hours. We'd open at 8:00 a.m. and it'd always be dead until 11:00 or so, then people would just decend and conquer. So if you want to go to the mall during Christmas, always call and get their holiday hours so you miss the peaks.

BUT I digress... I walked around and looked at the tables of sweaters that'd been torn apart, the sparkly deals, the people everywhere, and it was neat. I felt cool and Christmassy, like I was finally ready for the season. I didn't do any shopping, I just took it all in, and thought about who all the shoppers might have in mind for each of their purchases. I people-watched. I listened to the music. I thought about going home to my family, where we have perfect Christmasses every year.

I feel warm now just typing it all out.