December 18th, 2004


little phone dissapoints

About bit over a week ago, I bought myself a new cell phone. I'd been wanting one for a long time, and my current one was on its last legs. So I went to the cingular store and they had an adorable motorola V220 camera phone that I LOVED, so I bought it. Hey, 30 day guarantee, what's not to love?

Well, stupid me assumed that I'd be able to download the pictures. I pictured away, then when I got my cable in and plugged it into the powerbook, I learned that the V220 is not one of the phones on the iSync list, and there are really no drivers or software anywhere for it to talk to a system running OS X or Linux.

Shit! For the record, I don't blame apple, I blame motorola. How stupid is it that you have to get their special software CD to hook up to their phone? Very. How stupid is it that all their phones use different protocols so a program that talks just fine to a V300 and V525 doesn't talk to a V220? Very.

I'll spend some more time googling and then, well, guess I'll try to take advantage of that 30-day money back policy. I'm kind of depressed about it. It's a cute wonderful phone, I call it "little phone" and keep it in my coat pocket. My old phone didn't fit in my coat pocket very well. Why can't everyone love the operating systems I do?