December 5th, 2004


the fur trade

I was driving down douglas yesterday when I drove past some protesters outside a local shop holding up signs saying "FUR IS MURDER - BOYCOTT THIS STORE". Usually I honk and wave at cool liberal hippie protesters, because I've helped hold a protest, and it's boring as hell. getting people to honk and wave is always a highlight.

But the fur people... I just can't relate. First off, if fur is murder, leather certainly is too, and I have bad luck with shoes that aren't leather. They fall apart, look bad, don't ever fit right. same with belts.

and hell, same with meat... isn't the hamburger I had for lunch murder, too? you could argue that food is a "need", whereas clothing from animal products is a "want", but it doesn't make a difference to the cow, does it?

I also had trouble honking because part of me relates any animal rights activism with PETA, who endorses an end to everything that prevents animals from living long, full, human-like lives. even if animal testing saves lives, we should end it all. their own vice-president uses diabetes medication that was tested on animals, and they're still die-hard advocates for ending all animal research. maybe my protesters weren't card-carrying PETA members but it's hard to see a 3'x4' photo of a bloody, skinless lamb with "FUR IS MURDER" plastered across in big red letters without thinking, "Oh shit... the PETA crazies."

So later I decided I should have honked anyway, just to support the greater wichita Liberal Protester movement. But I didn't. I thought too long and had passed them (there were only five or so) by the time I formed a conclusion.