November 30th, 2004


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you know what sucks? spending $7 on batteries for a $9 alarm clock. yes. I looked at other alarm clocks but I really like the one I have... it's cute and fits in this perfect spot in the bathroom cabinet, so if I need to know the time while I'm brushing my teeth I just open the cabinet and there it is. Plus, it's an alarm clock, in case I ever lose power or need a travel one. anyway when it ran out of batteries last week I was shocked and devistated. I kept forgetting, and opening the cabinet, and being shocked and devistated time and time again because I expected it to be showing the time and it showed nothing (THE HORROR!).

went to kmart. bought expensive little round batteries. all is well. kmart is my friend.

speaking of batteries, I'm not happy with the battery life of my powerbook. it only has like 3:15, max. but it charges really fast, so... hrm. I'm also not happy with the text editor situation. I seriously can't find one. I'm still using emacs, because it does syntax highlighting, but I can't cut and paste into it from other OSX applications.

I am happy about how everyone says, "Damn, that is a sexy laptop." yes it is. I'm also happy with the quick easy cd burning capabilities. so it's not all bad. actually it's mostly good and I'm still glad I bought it, it just takes some adjustment.