November 28th, 2004



I put in a simple chatspeak filter on advicenators. It refuses to write any question or answer into the database if it detects two or more instances of idiotic words like "kewl" or "plz". If "u" is used by itself, that counts too. There are plenty more words on the list.

And the site is 100% better. seriously, I should have done this before. If advicenators has always made you sick (as is does to me quite often) come back, it might not be so bad now.

When people think of disallowed words on the internet, they usually think of the traditional disallowed words (fuck shit piss damn...) but those don't really bothered me. I've never censored them from any of my websites; they're usually used in moderation because people realize they distract from the point. Chatspeak, on the other hand, is used to move the point on. It's supposed to represent actual real words in the sentence, except it's so much dumber sounding.

I need to figure out how to translate my lj friends page... most of the people on my list are pretty cool and know how to write but there are a couple who I think are a little too free with the LOLs.