November 26th, 2004



Still here, chilling with the fam, eating leftovers, yadda yadda yadda. I brought home a decent amount of homework which is all due Monday (yes, my professor is evil and mean) and I haven't done a bit of it yet. Oh, and there are tests next week. heck.

We went shopping today! It wasn't as bad as people like to make it out to be... yeah it was crowded but we were at Town Center which isn't as huge as some malls. I looked at cute new year's party dresses... sigh. We tried in scents. I'm almost getting a grip on balancing Christmas, the holiday, with Christmas, the shopping spree. When I was 20 I worked in a little store in the mall for a summer and a Christmas and it really opened my eyes to just how bad the commercialism is. It was depressing, to tell the truth. There's an innocence you lose when you learn that it's all about the money for so many people. I was raised to believe Christmas was about the birth of our savior. It's hard to remember that when you're looking at all the sales numbers, doing math, working the year, planning on it. The sales jumps were unbelievable. December is nothing like any other month... nothing... at our store we sold a lot of cool nature-y stuff, and the most expensive items we sold were telescopes. I sold a telescope over the summer and it was very exciting. Over Christmas break I'd sell three a day without even trying. Everyone just bought without thinking about it. That's why the store could mark stuff up all year... Christmas.

I've had to kind of sit back and learn to not hate the stores or our culture for degrading the holiday so much. I've had to re-learn how to make it my own.

In other news, my brat sister thinks it's really funny to take my wireless bluetooth mouse when I'm at my computer, run off, lock herself in a close room and run it along the wall, because I can't move the cursor anywhere... I'm going to beat her.