November 14th, 2004


my inner child is a republican

This week, I needed to stock up on a few food type items, but the groceries around here always piss me off so I decided to support my local organic food market. I drive by this one on central & hillside a lot and they sell other fun stuff in addition to food, so I figured I'd try it out. I didn't really need much, just a gallon of milk, lettuce, ranch dressing.

Wichita doesn't have organic megalomarts like Wild Oats, so this place was small, but that's okay. I found a decent head of romain lettuce (rare find, that!) and the ranch dressing. I could not find a gallon of milk. As it turns out, this place did not carry gallons of milk, or any milk for that matter... just soy milk, which I've never tried, but whatever. I figured, hey, I'm a liberal elitist do-gooder now, maybe I should switch to soy milk. I picked up a few other items that were on sale and a pack of gum and went along my way.

My lesson for the week: soy milk is not milk. It tastes funny. It's okay on cereal and stuff but that's about it... when you want a whole huge glass of it you wind up with a funny taste in your mouth. Also, it's like $2 for a little tiny box of it. I drink a gallon of milk a week (on a slow week) so that won't work for me.

Also, the gum I got (peelu fruit flavored) tasted like I was eating a candle. it's the worst gum ever.

Auntie Natural's Cowgirl Ranch Dressing was the only real winner in the bunch. I've tried the brand before... they make a smashing raspberry vinegrette, but the ranch is incredible. sadly, I can get auntie natural's at dillons, so I still have no reason to return to the organic store for food unless I really want to turn hippie, which I don't. I figured out, after another shopping trip, that the soy milk tastes okay if you mix it with real milk, so at least it didn't go to waste.

I don't think I am physically capable of eating all socially conscious foods, being a vegan, wearing organic cotton clothes not made in sweatshops. I can try, sure, but in the end I'm an all-american animal abusing girl and I don't see myself going the other way any time soon, even if I am a liberal do-gooder.

In related (but perfectly timed) news, I caught a speech by conservative radio talk show host Tammy Bruce on C-SPAN last night, and of course I was totally turned off by the first five sentences of her speech, but later she went on to talk about liberal leadership expects us to follow them on every single issue. I've witnessed this first hand in several circles lately... the gay rights organization HRC endorses all sorts of social causes that have positively nothing to do with gay rights, they just want to be able to endorse democratic candidates, and it's crap. Bruce spoke to me. I put her book on my amazon wishlist and thought a lot about political movements... liberal elitism, conservative elitism, how feminism relates to organic foods, the whole bit.

i'm going to stay a registered republican, and I'm going to keep drinking real milk, and that's my deal.