November 8th, 2004


english language, lots of emails

I listen to the radio at work. Every station. When something gets annoying, I roll the station up... my radio doesn't have presets or anything so I just go up and down the dial all day. Christian radio, public radio, country, pop, I just listen to anything with a decent signal. Anyway, today I was listening to the rap station and this song comes out about this guy in jail, and I hear these lyrics:

the walls is gray the clothes is orange,
the phones is broke, the food is garbage,

okay, you can't really see it here, but the way the guy pronounced it the phrase worked... he RHYMED A WORD WITH ORANGE! Mankind said it could never be done but some rapper guy did it! I was amazed... had to tell my coworkers, who were just like, "But garbage doesn't rhyme with orange."

they're not believers.

In other news, I still don't have e-mails all set up on the powerbook, so I didn't check my addresses all weekend. When I came back and turned on the linux box, I had 4,000 new messages.

You may think I'm kidding. I'm not.

SpamAssassin is wonderful... it marks all the spam email on my server, so I can just filter it straight to the trash (I don't set it to automatically delete because you never know when you'll need to search for something that didn't make it through). Anyway, it's so nice, I don't care about who I give e-mails to anymore. I use the mailto: tag on all my websites without worrying about it. I sign up for stuff without a care. And it never bugs me, because after work I'm like, "Eh, 20 messages in the inbox, 700 in the trash, no biggie."

But it took like 30 minutes to get my e-mail! That's an issue. Maybe I should turn on the spambox option... makes me nervous to give my machines deletion rights but something's got to stop these crazy things.